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Current Position


  • PI UK Space Agency Aurora Grant 2019-2023 (ST/T001763/1) ‘The Nature of Magmatic Carbon on Mars (£145,406)
  • PI NERC Standard Grant 2017-2020 (NE/PO12167/1) ‘The Nature of the Deep Nitrogen Cycle‘ (£525,959)
  • PI Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland (2018-2019)Earth’s Nitrogen Flux (ENFlux)’ (£9,788)
  • PI Sloan Foundation, USA (2018) (via the Deep Carbon Observatory) ‘The Source, Speciation, and Sequestration of Deep Carbon (£10,000)
  • PI Royal Society Research Grant (2017)New constraints on the volcanic history of Earth’s sibling planet, Venus’ (£15,000)
  • Co-I National Science Foundation, USA (EAR-1725315) ‘Nitrogen Transiting the Subduction and Redox Barrier’ (PI Dr Colin Jackson, Smithsonian Institute, USA) (£99,414)
  • The Deep Carbon Observatory – Host for the International Science Meeting, March 2017 (sub-award, £152,340)


  • Distinguished Lecturer, Mineralogical Society of Great Britain and Ireland, 2020
  • Murchison Fund, Geological Society of London, 2017 (link)
  • Carnegie Postdoctoral Fellowship, 2011-2013
  • UCL’s Faculty of Physical Sciences and Mathematics, Best Postgraduate Teaching Assistant, 2010

Laboratory Management

  • The St Andrews geological material synthesis laboratory (link)

Employment History

Education (Higher)

Education (pre-university)

  • A-Levels (intensive), Kingston College, 2000-2001: Geology (C), Environmental Sciences (C)
  • High School, 1993-1998: Battersea Technology College (now Harris Academy Battersea): GCSE qualifications: Double Award Science (C,C), Mathematics (C), English Language (C), English Literature (D), Geography (D), Design and Technology (E)

Community roles

  • Councillor, European Association of Geochemistry, 2018-2021
  • Treasurer, Volcanic and Magmatic Studies Group, 2019-2024
  • Host for the 2017 Deep Carbon Observatory International Science Meeting at St Andrews, UK
  • Grant reviewer for NERC, UKRI, Royal Society (UK), Israeli Science Foundation, Czech Science Foundation, NSF (USA), and the Sloan Foundation (USA)
  • Manuscript reviewer for Science, Nature Geoscience, Nature Communications, Geochimica Cosmochimica et Acta, Icarus, Scientific Reports, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, Lithos, and Chemical Geology
  • Convener for sessions at AGU (2015, 2016) and Goldschmidt (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018)
  • Goldschmidt Organising Committee 2019 (Barcelona)

List of Invited Seminars

Since 2011 I have regularly invited to present seminars at International Conferences and Private Companies, and to deliver Public Lectures and University Seminars across the globe.

International Conferences

  1. Goldschmidt, Paris, France. Invited oral presentation, August 2017 (x2)
  2. Deep Carbon Observatory International Meeting. St Andrews, UK. Invited oral presentation March 2017
  3. UK Exoplanet Meeting. St Andrews, UK. Invited oral presentation, March 2017
  4. Goldschmidt, Yokohama, Japan. Invited oral presentation, June 2016 (x1)
  5. AGU, Invited oral presentation, December 2016 (x2)

Public Lectures

  1. Isles of Guernsey and Jersey, Channel Islands Group of Professional Engineers, Novermber, 2018
  2. The London Lecture Series, The Geological Society of London, UK, November 2017
  3. The City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia, Spain, March 2017

Private Sector

  1. Mineral Services Group, Cape Town, Republic of South Africa, March 2013 (Private)
  2. Gemological Institute of America, London, UK, September 2011 (Private)

University Seminars

  1. Atmospheric, Oceanic, and Planetary Physics Seminar Series, The University of Oxford, May 2018
  2. School of Earth and Environment, The University of Leeds, November 2017
  3. Leicester Students’ Union Geology Society Seminar, The University of Leicester, November 2017
  4. The Centre for Earth Evolution and Dynamics, The University of Oslo, Norway, November 2016
  5. Department of Earth Sciences, The University of Cambridge, UK, June 2016
  6. The Department of Physical Sciences, the Open University, May 2015
  7. Camborne School of Mines, University of Exeter, UK, February 2014
  8. School of Geoscience, University of Edinburgh, UK, November 2013
  9. VU Amsterdam, Deep Earth Cluster Seminar, the Netherlands, August 2012
  10. Maryland Geochemistry seminar, The University of Maryland, USA, December 2011
  11. Astrobiology & Planetary Exploration seminar, UCL/Birkbeck, UK, September 2011

Workshop participation

  • ‘Earth in five reactions’ Deep Carbon Observatory, Carnegie Institution of Washington, USA, March 2018 (all expenses convered by the Deep Carbon Observatory)
  • ‘Lunar Sample-Return Science Workshop’, a joint meeting between the European Space Agency and the Chinese National Space Administration, Beijing, China, August 2017
  • ‘Synthesis planning workshop for the Deep Carbon Observatory’, University of Rhode Island, USA, October 2015
  • ‘Deep Carbon Observatory Data Science Day’, LPI, Troy NY, USA, June 2014
  • ‘Carbide workshop’, UC Davis, California, USA, May 2014
  • ‘Underpinning Science for the Mining Life Cycle’, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan, March 2014
  • ‘The next generation of deep carbon researchers’, Central American School of Geology, University of Costa Rica, San José, February 2014
  • ‘Diamonds, the mantle petrologists best friend’, Bressenone – Brixen, Italy, April 2011
  • ‘HP-HT mineral Physics: implications for geosciences’, Bressenone – Brixen, Italy 2008

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