Experimental Petrology

We have a Rockland Piston Cylinder press capable of simulating pressures from 0.1-5 GPa and temperatures of 100-2000°C. This facility can be used to study solid-state, solid-fluid, or fluid-fluid reactions at high pressures and temperatures. Applications include elemental partitioning during differentiation of silicate melts, stable isotope fractionation during partitioning within planetary bodies, and the stability/degradation of organic carbon during metamorphism.

Stable-Isotope Geochemistry 

I collaborate with Dr Eva Stüeken and Tomasso Di Rocco in our Gas-Sources Mass Spectrometry Laboratory (Thermo MAT-253 attached to a bespoke gas-line) where we are establishing a protocol for the isotopic analysis of trace amounts of nitrogen in geological materials.


Two SEMs, XRD, XRF, Raman and NIR spectroscopy, and 2D-3D micro-imaging.