Press Releases

Publication highlights

Planetary Science:

There have been  few news articles about one of my manuscripts published in Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors. The paper itself focused on the volcanic history of Earths sibling planet, Venus (link to The Conversation article):

  • Yahoo News (link)
  • Newsweek (link)
  • I Fucking Love Science (link)

There have been a few news articles about one of my manuscripts published in Nature Geoscience. My article proposes a model that argues subduction-zones have altered the Earth’s atmosphere, this process took the chemistry of the Earth’s atmosphere along a different path from those on Mars and Venus, and suggests without subduction zones the Earth’s atmosphere would be drastically different:

  • NBC News, USA (link)
  • I Fucking Love Science (link)
  • The Daily Mail, UK (link)
  • scinexx, Germany (link)
  • The Conversation, International (link)
  • Strange Quarks, India (link)
  • The Deep Carbon Observatory, International (link)
  • Chemical & Engineering News,International (link)
  • Science Magazine (link)

Diamond Geology:

The Deep Carbon Observatory have publicised some of my manuscripts to highlight the importance of my work towards understanding the cycling of carbon through the deep Earth (below I provide very brief explanations with links to the press releases):

  • We provide new information regarding the time-temperature histories for polycrystalline diamond-formation which show they likely form in multiple events, but importantly, are most-likely unrelated to kimberlite metasomatism, as was previously thought (link)
  • We have acquired empirical data that demonstrate carbon isotope fractionation (during diamond-formation) in the deeper, hotter, and more reducing lower mantle may be larger than the shallower, colder, less reducing upper mantle; a previously counter-intuitive notion (link)
  • We report data to demonstrates how a single diamond from Mir (Siberia) can form in distinct diamond-forming episodes, separated by about 1 Billion years (link)

The editor of American Mineralogist highlighted my manuscripts as notable in their August-September 2014 issue (link) and the April 2016 issue (link)

Fieldwork Activities

The Deep Carbon Observatory and the University of Edinburgh released press releases publicising a rare foray into the field (for me) to sample strange basalts that contain iron metal, Fe-carbide, and graphite, and microbial communities that live in a very harsh environment on Disko Island, Greenland (link#1, link#2 )

Workshop activities 

The Universidad de Costa Rica released a press release publicising the Deep Carbon Observatories workshop ‘The next generation of deep carbon researchers’ hosted at the Central American School of Geology, University of Costa Rica, San José, February 2014 (link)

The Deep Carbon Observatory publicised a workshop entitled ‘Data Day’ where scientists, publicists, and computer scientists discussed how to share data with each other and the general public more efficiently (link)


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